Monday, October 18, 2010


what that?
AA is Amplitude of accommodation test : push up method
the purpose of this test is to know how come your eyes can focus while seeing something.

the conditions:
-use ruff rule
-must look at the target like reading position
- in room illumination

Lets read how the conversation between optometrist and patient while test going on..
Assalakualaikum,miss. Today i would like to do amplitude of accommodation test. This test just want to know your eye can accommodation..that mean how come your eyes can focus. For this test i will use a ocluder and ruff rule.I will repeat this test 3 times..

ok,miss please ocluder your left eye use this ocluder.
ok, can u read the this word(perkataan yang ada kat ruff rule) miss?


i will bring this toward your eye.Please tell me if the word become blur.
(gerakkan target trus ke mata pt)

the word blur

blink your eye.if the word still clear,please tell me.

yes, the words still clear.

(gerakkan target lagi sampai pt blur)
ok,if you are see blur tell me.

ok, blur.

now, if you see the target clear,please tell me.
(tarik balik target ke arah optom dengan pelahan-lahan)

ok, clear.

(ambil bacaan dalam diopter)

repeat 3 times for one eye. Doing for LE(occlude right eye) and BE (no need occlude both eye), total 9 times..(dalam hati, pt kata bosan2..haha..)

normal accommodation: 18.5 - (pt age/3)
eg: pt age 21
18.5 - (21/3) = 11.5

If the result is less than normal, maybe patient has problem.
Usually patients who are 40 years above have low accommodation and known as presbyopia. They difficult to see near target, they will remove spec and long their arm during reading newspaper.

p/s: this Friday has entrance test skill.AA is the one of the test. There are 3 out of 10 tests will be testing.. nervous? be cool.. but, scary.. because the test will be observe by lecturer..hopefully, i pass this test skill..insyaAllah..amin..

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